Selling a luxury watch can be safe if you know where to go and how to look. Plus, like in all things, doing research beforehand will equip you with the right information during the assessment process up until the selling process. Be in the know so that you will get your luxury watch’s worth.

Luxury watches have information of the model details on the back. Taking note of these plus the name of the watch can help you when you inquire about it. Are you selling a Cartier, Rolex, Audermars Piquet, or Patek Philippe watches? Gathering information will make you more equipped when you get it appraised. Next, you should bring it to a professional watch buyer and expert, particularly to well-established places where selling Zenith watches or other known watches is their specialization. These places have experts who can assist you and give you honest assessment so you can get your watch’s worth. The next step is to lay down your options and choose which buyer to sell your watch to. I would personally prefer a private buyer instead of the big auction houses. Private reputable buyers have quick turnaround and they too have their own professional watch experts.

Considering all options, let’s start with Ebay. With Ebay, the signing up process can be tedious and for buyers to take notice and trust sellers, you would have to establish a reputation among the Ebay community because it serves as a gauge for those who are interested in your products whether to trust you or not. As for Craigslist, they are lenient when it comes to who can buy and who can sell, therefore your safety may be jeopardized. You would have to contact an interested party directly, meaning you would have to meet with the interested person directly. This is risky because you are putting yourself out there with a valuable watch in your possession. The Internet can be safe, however, you can consider private sellers like because these guys have been in the business long enough to be known for being good in what they do.

Watch Buyers Inc. is one of the most reputable buyers of used luxury watches out there. They have professionals who will give you the value for your watch. There are a lot of fly-by-night buyers who take advantage of people selling their luxury items so make sure you look into whoever you are selling your watch to, such as Chanel watches, Omega watches, Bulgari watches, the ones mentioned above, and more.

So, stop wondering if there are reputable watch buyers online out there. With Watch Buyers Inc., you can be guaranteed to get good deals off your precious timepieces!