Seybold® Jewelry Building

Your go-to place for all things jewelry in Miami!

Located in the heart of downtown Miami, this 166,000 SF historic building is the 2nd largest diamond and jewelry center in the United States. Officially on the National Register of Historic Places, this vertical shopping center houses over 300 jewelers on 10 floors. The Seybold® Jewelry Building includes a broad range of retail and wholesale jewelry and watch businesses. The world-renowned Seybold® Jewelry Building is recognized as a leader in the jewelry industry.

The Seybold® Jewelry Building offers a special, one-of-a-kind, one stop shopping experience for shoppers.

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The Best Jewelry in Miami

Florida’s Seybold® Jewelry Building is the best place to purchase jewelry in. The Seybold® is home to more than 300 jewelry vendors and stores, provides buyers with exciting and quality-oriented shopping experiences. Of course, these experiences ultimately translate into exciting transactions and unparalleled satisfaction. To help jewelry shoppers buy unique items at at one-of-a-kind prices, let’s take a look at what makes the Seybold® Jewelry Building in Miami so very special!

A Wide Selection

The aforementioned 300 jewelry stores in Miami and vendors that operate out of the Seybold® Jewelry Building offer an astounding selection of fine jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, and much, much more. For the customer, this means that finding the perfect item is as simple as browsing, talking, and fall in love with what each store has to offer. Other jewelry stores force their clients to leave without making a purchase (or settle for an undesirable piece). At the Seybold® Jewelry Building, thousands upon thousands of jewelry options guarantee that clients will leave with the ideal piece of jewelry.

Affordable Luxury

The Seybold® Building’s jewelry is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that customers are charged unreasonable and unnecessarily steep prices. On the contrary, thanks to an extensive choice of more that 300 vendors and jewelry stores, you can be sure to find the best items at the best prices. At the Seybold® Jewelry Building in Miami, uncompetitive prices aren’t offered, because uncompetitive prices won’t attract buyers. And at the end of the day, this point benefits the shopper.

Excellent Quality

It should be emphasized that the many professionals who sell their items at the Seybold® aren’t new to the industry; they’re tried and proven jewelry experts who will do what it takes to make their clients happy.

We only go here for our exclusive one of a kind jewelry. Instead of going online or any local stores, this is the only place we found to offer us unique pieces. We loved the shop ELENA's Fine jewelry store has given us our beautiful Cross.

Im Private Avatar Im Private
February 20, 2019

Lazaro is the best at Elena's fine jewelry.. he customizes and charges great prices.. got a I'd plate for my daughter Christmas present and couldn't have asked for a nicer person to deal with.. thank you!

wendy allen Avatar wendy allen
November 10, 2018

Went to Nemaro jewelers they were awesome! Susan attended us, very informative, polite and professional. Hands down recommended

eugenio sanchez Avatar eugenio sanchez
December 15, 2018

Next-level service

Parking & Security

We also aim at making your shopping experience nothing short of the absolute best, so we put everything into consideration. We offer valet parking, with trained attendants and a trusted store for your car keys. Our parking spaces are ample and also legal. Security is also an important factor, and our premises are well guarded, with security personnel who are trained on handling any situation. We also have surveillance to monitor the building.

Valet Parking

We all know how hectic traffic can be around downtown, but at The Seybold® we make sure this is the least of your concerns. Our concierge valet service is here to safely and legally park your car, while making all provisions to keep your car keys secure and serve you with a wide smile. So go ahead, stroll around the shops without worrying about park meters and tickets! With all this in mind, aren’t we the best option for the best jewelry in Miami? So whether you are looking to buy, or sell diamonds, or get a birthday gift for your loved ones, or looking to buy in wholesale for distribution, come to The Seybold® Jewelry Building and get your mind pleasantly dazzled!


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Some of the brands available at the Seybold®

An extensive range of the world's leading brand is available at the Seybold®.
Our Master Jewelers can accommodate any custom design needs with unparalleled craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and unmatched value.