50 Years of Experience Ferrari SpA, an IATA Agent, is a leading forwarding company in the service of transportation of jewellery, gems and valuable cargo, operating from Italy where it was started fifty years ago in order to cater to the needs of the Italian jewellery industry. Over the Years the original Ferrari SpA has expanded and formed the Ferrari Group, a world-wide network of established companies and correspondents with offices in many countries, highly professional and dedicated agents, motivated employees and integrated security operational systems, which guarantee an international expertise and a unique, efficient, safe and timely service.

The Ferrari Group operates secure vaults and an armored transportation fleet, both controlled by the most advanced safety features and qualified armed personnel; an exact, diligent and complete service to the gems and jewellerey tradeThe Ferrari group is focused to achieve and provide quality and attention in services covering the custom brokerage and freight forwarding, taxing and duty free logistic areas, in bond storage facilities and container stations. The specialization in valuables and commodities rewards Ferrari's Customers with expeditious custom clearances and immediate availability of the goods. Ferrari insurance services has been established to accomodate all insurance needs and offer tailor-made insurance policies that include "All Risks" and "Door to Door" protection against any loss at any stage of the transportation of storage 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.