They pay top price for your gold & used jewelry. De’ Branf Jewelry is ran and operated by Miguel Branger Jr. with close collaboration of his father Miguel Branger Sr.. The family business began in the 70's in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, then moved to Caracas, Venezuela, and finally set down roots in Miami, Florida. In 2008 Miguel Branger Jr. joined the family business and in 2011 he decided to open De’ Branf International which then transitioned into De’ Branf Jewelry. With over 45 years of combined experience in the jewelry industry, Miguel Branger Jr. and Sr. have dedicated themselves to bringing excellent customer service with face to face interaction.
 They are GIA certified!

"Setting forth a comfortable environment is a family and company objective for them. They pride themselves on committing to personable interactions with customers... their satisfaction is their main goal."